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Skillman Bible Church
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SBC Coming Events

Sat, Apr 19th, @6:30pm - 09:30PM
Wyld Life Club
Sun, Apr 20th, @9:45am - 12:15PM
Children's Teaching
Sun, Apr 20th, @10:00am - 11:15AM
Worship Service
Sun, Apr 20th, @10:00am - 11:30AM
Easter Sunday
Sun, Apr 20th, @11:30am - 01:00PM
Easter Potluck
Sun, Apr 20th, @2:00pm - 05:00PM
Zomi Church

How to find us

CLICK HERE to find us CLICK HERE for directions

Worship With Us...


Easter Sunday Worship Service-- 10:00 am

Easter Lunch following the service-- everyone is invited!


Learn With Us...

Adult Teaching & Children's Teaching: 11:30am-12:15pm (No Adult Teaching or Children's Teaching on Easter Sunday; Instead, please join us in the Fellowship Hall for a delicious Easter luncheon.)

Join us for our adult teaching series, The Prophets: Pastors to the Wayward, Sundays through May 18.

We'll survey the basic elements of the OT prophets' context, message, and their role in hailing the coming Messiah. Discover the relevance of their messages for today and expand your ability to understand their warnings and promises.

A note about our church...

In the very first psalm, God inspired the psalmist to illustrate the one who follows Him, the one who delights in His word, with the imagery of a tree firmly planted by streams of water. This tree flourishes and prospers because it drinks from a rich and abundant source of life-giving nourishment. It's everything it was designed to be--tall and strong, firmly grounded and fruitful--because its roots run deep.

We've borrowed the image of a tree from the psalmist to describe us. Like a tree, we see Skillman Bible Church as a community grounded in the faith (the roots), growing together (the trunk), and reaching the world (the branches). All that we do at SBC is designed to ground us, grow us, and enable us to reach out to others and see the good news of Jesus Christ prosper--to make God known, to increase His reputation.

As we follow Jesus together, we should expect these things to be true of us. We're digging our roots deep--grounding our community in the gospel, in God's word. We're growing together--developing intimacy, strengthening unity, and increasing in maturity. We're exercising our God-given gifts and using our resources to reach the world (both at home and abroad).

Grounded, growing, reaching. That's how we understand what it means to follow Jesus at SBC. I invite you to join us--to plant yourself in our community, to become a part of the process. We're all in process here. None of us is a finished work. But we're doing this thing together, by God's grace, "until we all attain to the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ" (Ephesians 4:13).





Skillman is excited to have the Zomi Christian Church, a Burmese congregation ministering to the Zomi people of Dallas, meeting on our campus Sunday afternoons at 2:00 p.m.

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